Public Art for Magnifying Minds

CSENND, Wonderlab, and the Bloomington Art Commission have joined forces to boost STEM involvement and successfully introduce the concept of the nanoworld to children of diverse age groups.

Erin Tobey’s illustration for wall mural

Artist’s statement

Erin Tobey, the artist

“I propose a mural that shows a journey through the microscope to explore inside plants and how cellulose nanocrystals can be turned into useful technologies to enrich human and environmental health………… I’m excited about this project as an artist who loves the challenge of communicating big or complicated ideas in an accessible way. …….”


Outreach events

1. CSENND will be having a big outreach event on November 4 at 2 pm where the public mural that is being commissioned in collaboration with the City of Bloomington will be revealed and activities will be available for the attendees and those at Wonderlab as the mural is adjacent. Activities includes live microscope use, solving scientific block puzzle’s, coloring science diagrams depending on the age group.

2. More events coming soon

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