Jul 19, 2024

Bob Villwock, Associate Director of Intellectual Property at UT-Austin, guest speaks at CSENND all-hands meeting

Bob Villwock, the Associate Director of Intellectual Property at UT-Austin, attended the July 2024 all-hands meeting of CSENND. He gave a tutorial on what intellectual property is and the patent process, building understanding among CSENND participants as we seek to innovate within the field of nanoscience.

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Jun 20, 2024

Guest Speaker Discusses Culture in Mentoring Relationships

As part of CSENND’s efforts to build cultural competency, Dr. Jing Yang attended CSENND’s June 2024 All-Hands Meeting to discuss the role of culture in mentoring relationships and undergraduate research experiences. This presentation was based on her recent publication in Journal of Chemical Education:

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Jun 17, 2024

CSENND Students Engage with the Bloomington Community at the 4th & Rogers Block Party

On June 7, CSENND members from the Ye and Skrabalak groups provided educational and art activities to the community in attendance at the 4th and Rogers Block Party in Bloomington Indiana. This neighborhood is home to Erin Tobey’s Magnifying Minds mural commissioned by CSENND as part of their science communication efforts and activities were inspired…

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Mar 22, 2024

CSENND Trainees Host the Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee’s Symposium at Spring ACS

The Symposium “Nanoparticle Heterogeneity: Realizing Strengths by Embracing the Differences” was organized and hosted by CSENND trainees at the Spring 2024 ACS Conference in New Orleans. Speakers explored the topics of nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications to a full room. A reception for speakers and attendees was hosted afterwards at The District Lounge.

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Dec 13, 2023

Baker Group member Krista Kulesa Trains Skrabalak and Ye Groups on Legion

Recently, the Baker group at Texas A&M University reported Legion as a new instrument for high-throughput electrochemistry. Now, additional copies of Legion have been created by the Electrical Instrument Services at Indiana University for use as a center-level resource. Baker group and CSENND member Krista Kulesa visiting researchers in the Skrabalak and Ye groups at…

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Dec 08, 2023

CSENND, Bloomington Arts Commission, CFC Properties, and Wonderlab host Mural Launch Event December 3

Artist Erin Tobey completed a mural adjacent to Bloomington’s Wonderlab that explores the concepts of size and scale. A celebration of the mural’s completion was held on December 3 that included educational activities introducing the young, and young at heart, to the microscopic and nanoscopic world. You can read more about the mural here. Video…

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Nov 05, 2023

Creation of First Mural in “Public Art for Magnifying Minds” Series Begins

Bloomington Artist Erin Tobey has begun painting the first mural as part of CSENND’s Public Art for Magnifying Minds Series. The mural will be located in the alley just west of Wonderlab (308 W 4th St, Bloomington), with a launch event being planned for Sunday December 3. This project is made possible as a collaboration…

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Oct 13, 2023

CSENND Members Engage in In-Person Strategic Planning Meeting

From Oct. 5 through Oct. 7, an in person, all-hands meeting was hosted at Indiana University. Students presented their collaborative research as teams in a poster session hosted by the Chemistry Department, along side other IU researchers engaged in materials and nanoscience research. Then, two days were dedicated to strategic planning, guided by Laura Seifert….

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Sep 13, 2023

Zhenni Jia from Temple University’s Center for Chinese Language Instruction Runs Language Workshop for CSENND

As part of CSENND’s efforts to promote cultural competency and inclusion, Zhenni Jia from Temple University’s Center for Chinese Language Instruction spoke to CSENND participants about the cultural significance of Chinese names and the importance of pronouncing names correctly. The structure of names, spelling variations, and the Pinyin system for representing Chinese characters were reviewed.

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Jul 21, 2023

Bloomington Artist Erin Tobey Selected as Muralist for Science and Scale for All Project

CSENND Director Sara Skrabalak meets with local artist Erin Tobey and Holly Warren of the Bloomington Arts Commission to discuss the science-themed mural being designed for near Bloomington’s Wonderlab and future educational and outreach events that will allow the public to explore the importance of scale in their everyday lives!

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